Nikki Robinson

Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day and although I’ve never struggled for motivation to get to the gym, I have always struggled with getting the job done while I’m there. I most definitely needed some expert advice.  In August 2014 eight months before I was due to get married I had my first conversation with Gregor. He asked me about diet, exercise and what I wanted to achieve. During this conversation he said one very important thing, never tell him I “can’t”do something. “can’t” used to be one of my favourite words. Now even when I’m thinking “I can’t” do that, I don’t say it and more often than not prove myself wrong and just do it.

Over the months Gregor chipped away at all my bad eating habits, without me actually even noticing and along the way he sorted out my nightshift eating habits. I’d been trying to sort that out myself for 12 years! Most importantly I never once felt like I was on a “diet”, I was just eating well which in turn meant that gradually I had more and more energy.  What I do when I go In the gym has also changed, I now no longer feel like I need to be there for hours to make a difference. I’m there an hour,  5 days a week and make more of a difference in that time than I did when I spent more than double that amount of time there.

Gregor went over and above anything I asked him to do. During that initial conversation all I said was I wanted to lose a stone and being that I am slightly obsessed with arms, most importantly I needed perfect arms.  I walked down that aisle feeling like a confident, super toned princess. I could not have been happier. I bought my dress a size 12, I got married a size 8! So far I have achieved more with Gregor than I every could have imagined. I’m a more confident, happier, healthier, fitter person. I am often asked by friends and colleagues for advice on diet and exercise and my answer is always the same. “Everyone needs a bit of Gregor in their life”

Jen MacKinnon

After a major lull in motivation, I decided that it was time to get fit again in May 2012. After giving up my gym membership for quite a few years, spending far too many hours deskbound with my job and regularly travelling to/from London with work, I was beginning to feel the effects of recurring back, neck and shoulder problems and the prospect of a beach holiday/bearing all in a bikini was playing on my mind and I needed someone to help me get back on track. I started training with Gregor – initially through boot camp sessions that he ran near where I worked at the time and then more recently I have undertaken personal training sessions with Gregor for the last couple of years. I have benefited enormously from Gregor’s expertise in keeping workouts interesting whilst ensuring that they continue to challenge me. Gregor keeps me motivated and focused on my current goals/objectives (whether that is losing weight, building strength or toning up) as well as providing advice about nutrition. Gregor encourages you to achieve more than you ever thought possible – but without being aggressive or confrontational. I ran my first ever 10k in April which is something that I never thought that I would have been able to do – even as recently as the start of this year. So far, I have lost weight (and kept it off!), improved my fitness levels, increased my upper and lower body strength and, most importantly, have had great fun doing it. As I work in an office, we try to undertake outdoor sessions up whenever the weather is favourable but even sessions up and around Arthur’s Seat in the wind, snow, ice & rain cannot dampen my enthusiasm which is all testament to Gregor’s ability to keep you encouraged and motivated. I am well and truly hooked – thanks Gregor!

Callum Aitchison – Property Director

I have been going to the gym training myself for over 20 years. While this has helped me maintain a general level of fitness I have never really achieved the results I was looking for. I have been training with Gregor now for 4 months and the results have been fantastic. The amount of body fat loss has been extraordinary and I have lost 12kg in weight. Gregor is an excellent trainer being very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and supportive. He has provided me with invaluable advice on food and nutrition. I have made minor changes to my diet understanding when, what and the amount to eat in conjunction with my training. The great thing is that I am eating more healthily without feeling hungry, which is more sustainable. I now feel more energetic and confident which has been a positive in terms of running my business and managing a young family. I look forward to my sessions with Gregor and would have no hesitation in recommending him to other people.

David Kerr – Company Director

I have been training with Gregor for over 2 years and have witnessed significant improvement in my fitness levels. I travel extensively and recovery time from long-haul flights has reduced dramatically as my fitness is so much better. Gregor is the consummate professional who knows how to get the best from you in each training session. His attention to detail in every exercise allows you to clearly understand the benefits and his friendly nature puts you at ease. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to Gregor, regardless of age, size or gender. For me, it has been an excellent return on lifestyle investment as I’m fitter, thinner and noticed a significant improvement in my mental agility.

Iain McArthur – Associate

I had been training on my own for a few years but my routines lacked variety and I wasn’t seeing any results. Now, with Gregor’s expert advice on exercise and nutrition, I am working much smarter and have a different work out every week. I still use some of my old exercises but Gregor has corrected flaws in my technique so that I do them properly now.

I achieved my initial goals within 2 months – I lost over a stone, and 2 inches from my waist – but I have added muscle to my arms and chest and have seen a huge increase in strength. I’m delighted and so is my wife! I would not hesitate to recommend Gregor to any guy looking to boost his fitness levels. He really works with you to achieve your goals and adds value every time. I wish I had sought help earlier.

I’m a bit gutted he took my Pop Tarts from me though…

Kate Marshall – Solicitor

The best Christmas present I received was from my husband in when he gave me 6 sessions of personal training with Gregor. I thought I did not like the gym but enjoyed training with Gregor so much I have continued to train with him on a weekly basis for the past 3 years. To me it is money well spent. Gregor takes the time to find out the sort of things you enjoy and tailors the sessions round that. At the age of 60 I feel much better than I did 10 years ago. I had been pretty fit when I was younger but due to work commitments and injury things had slipped a bit. With Gregor’s encouragement, I now attend a number of other classes and have completed a 10km race. I have also lost 2 stone and dropped 3 dress sizes, resulting in me having to indulge in considerable retail therapy.

Personal training with Gregor is always challenging but fun. The sessions are well organised and carefully planned and Gregor encourages you to look at your whole lifestyle- diet, exercise etc.

Yvonne McArthur – Head of Operational Risk

I approached Gregor for personal training after recovering from a back operation. That along with asthma had convinced me I was limited in how much I could achieve. Gregor appraised my goals and concerns about my abilities and I found out very quickly I could attain a much higher level of fitness than I thought.

Gregor has managed my programme through gradual increments, challenging and encouraging me at every stage, but never placing me in a situation where I could not achieve my goal through challenging myself. He makes you work hard but I always see and feel the results. My fitness has improved so much that for the first time in many years I do not need to use my asthma inhaler, before, during or after exercise. I had always previously been reliant on this to get me through various fitness classes. Gregor is professional, organised and very motivated, and his motivation and belief in my capabilities has helped push me beyond my preconceived limits. He has noticeably improved my weaker areas and I am now more toned, weigh less and am considerably fitter.

I would recommend Gregor to novices and those with a higher level of fitness alike. Anyone who can get me to enjoy jogging and cycling within 3 months of hating the same is an extremely good trainer and motivator.

Will Smith – Senior Digital Strategist

I completely lacked confidence in using the gym, instead, preferring to stick to spin and Body Pump classes, which were never going to give me the results I wanted. I knew what I wanted to achieve, but lacked any real focus or direction on how to get there. I was also so confused by the raft of conflicting advice on how to get a better body, and what to eat.

During my consultation, Gregor listened to what my aspirations were, what I really wanted to achieve with my body, and also what activities I had previously been doing to achieve my goals. From the outset, Gregor gave clear, simple advice, advising small habit lifestyle changes which would make a big improvement.

My training programme was intensive, launching me into a gym environment, which I had lacked confidence to go myself. Gregor helped build my confidence levels, teaching me how to safely and effectively use the gym equipment as part of my programme. Gregor also gave easy to follow nutrition advice. A massive foodie, I didn’t want to give up the foods I loved or wine, but Gregor showed how simple changes can make big differences, and I still get to enjoy my wine!

Within the first 6 weeks of my programme, I lost 8lbs and saw a real difference in my body shape. For the first time, I had a plan to stick to and was already seeing the benefits. Gregor is a fantastic Personal Trainer, and I can’t recommend him highly enough.