Online Personal Training.

Nowadays, you don’t have to meet in person to get the guidance you need. Using technology helps me schedule and monitor your training and nutrition, and allows instant feedback from both sides to more effectively direct your efforts. With online personal training, you’ll get full support to help you achieve your fitness goals for just £75 per month.

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How does it work?

Step 1: Initial Video Consultation.

This is the bit that is super important to get an understanding of your lifestyle, training history and to set  goals. This meeting lays the foundation for the weeks ahead, and gives you time to ask any burning questions.

Step 2: Get Your Fully Personalised Training Programme.

To get the results you want, you need a programme that is fully tailored to your needs. From information gathered in your assessment forms and your online consultation, your programme can be adjusted to suit you. Sessions are organised to fit into your schedule,and progress can be tracked via the Trainerize app. To keep things fresh and avoid plateaus, you’ll get a new programme sent out every four weeks.

Step 3: Twice Weekly Check Ins.

Staying accountable is important when making habit and lifestyle changes. Ill be checking in with you each week, but you can also ask any questions about your training and nutrition via your Trainerize account anytime.

Step 4: You’ll Get Nutritional Support.

We’ll set targets for your nutrition, and you’ll be given a recipe book to help inspire you to prepare the kind of meals that will support your goals. No need for bland, tasteless food, your plate can be full of flavour, colour and texture without sacrificing your goals! Feedback on food diary can be done via myfitnesspal, which integrated into your training hub.

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