No fad diets, no quick fixes, this is all about proper, healthy food. Nutrition plays a vital role in your training programme, so forget the latest trendy diet that you’ll never stick to. It’s about eating properly. It’s about healthy, nutritious, tasty food, which is simple, affordable and easy to introduce into your diet.

As part of your training, you’ll be introduced to numerous tasty recipes and guidance about what you should be putting on your plate. I will guide you on how to shop, helping you introduce healthy meals, which both you and your family can enjoy together, into your daily life.

As well as being a Precision Nutrition Level One coach, I’m a self-confessed foodie. For that extra 30 second rest between sets, just ask about anything food related. Nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated but instead can be an enjoyable part of your daily life, helping to fuel your training, and enabling you to reach your fitness goals quickly.

It’s not all celery sticks and cucumber water! You’ll be shown how to enjoy a balanced diet without giving up your favourite foods. Don’t worry about not being able to eat out at restaurants, I’ll guide you on how to make the right choices and still enjoy your food.