This warm up series could be used for a variety of different sessions. Whether you’re about to hit some heavy deadlifts, head out for a set of running intervals, or simply need to loosen up after a day spent furiously typing, photocopying and shouting ‘sell sell sell!!’ (I’ve never worked in an office, and so I assume they all lie somewhere in between The Wolf Of Wallstreet and The UK Office).

All in, this warm up should take around eight minutes, and graduates up in intensity from a prone position to kneeling, to standing before adding in some locomotion to get the heart rate up, ready for whatever killer workout you have planned. Or just to get pumped up for your 230pm meeting with Agnes regarding her conduct at the annual work picnic… I’m hitting the nail on the head with this office stuff, right?

  1. Bridge to reach

This is a nice easy one to start with, taking the hips into extension while the diagonal reach will force each side to do it’s share of the work. The reach also gets some movement through the upper and midspine,areas that can easily stiffing up after  a long period  of sitting.

  1. Deadbugs

One of my favourite core exercises. Brace that core as hard as you can so that you can maintain a neutral spine as you lower opposite leg and arm under tension. This is one that can be wishy washy and not particularly effective if you go through the motions, but if you focus on the movement being slow and deliberate your core will get a great wake up call.

  1. Yoga push up

A great one to unlock the shoulders, get some blood pumping to the chest and start to increase the tempo of the warm up. You’ll also get a brief stretch on hamstrings and calves. Be sure keep a neutral spine on the way down. If you can’t do full push ups, concentrate on lowering in full position, before coming onto knees for first part of push up

  1. Spiderman lunge with reach

Getting some much needed rotation through the thoracic spine while also priming the legs for whatever you have in store for them

  1. Hip opener

Use a 10m long space and work on spending very little time on the ground. Be as bouncy as you can,imagining you have to get your foot over a hurdle. For runners, this is an almost plyometric type of drill, for anyone that’s about to squat it helps to open the hips. For others, it’s just one of the many ways I advise you to move to look cool in public.

So try these out and make a seamless transition from keyboard warrior  to workout destroyer. Just remember not to let Agnes away with what she did with that feather boa, it’s just not office appropriate.