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No gimmicks, no fads, I specialise in coaching busy professionals on how to fit regular exercise and healthy meals into hectic schedules. Over the last ten years, I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of clients to enable them to make sustainable lifestyle changes. No matter your ability level, if you have the drive and desire to get stronger, leaner, move better and improve your quality of life,  I can help you get to where you want to be.

From proper form and technique on how to use gym equipment, to what should be on your plate come dinner time, you’ll receive advice and guidance on the most effective ways to reach your health and fitness goals.

No gimmicks, no fads.

Tailored personal training designed to help you get to where you want to be.

My Personal Fitness Process.

Start with the WHY – I enjoy breaking down what people need and want for their health and fitness. Starting with helping people realise the ‘why’ ,the reason for wanting to lose weight or run a first marathon can be inciteful and a good way to focus motivation and effort.

The WHAT  – Specific goal setting and movement screening will throw light on what physical issues may need addressed to get you where you want to be. If you’re an athlete, you will have access to professional level athlete testing from Nikki Gibson Performance Insights. Packages include ….

The HOW – Maybe your hamstrings cramp up constantly, or you struggle with getting enough fruit and veg in your diet? We’ll work together to show you how to get lazy glutes to do their fair share of the work to take the strain off the overworked hammys, or how to increase your fruit and vegetable intake. You’ll be given a clear,personalised training programme to follow that will be tailored to your experience and fitness level.

 The When – The best training programme in the world won’t change anything if it’s not used consistently. We’ll work together to fit your training needs into your schedule, and make sure your other lifestyle factors like sleep and nutrition are looked after. You’ll have access to software that lets you easily record each session, and allows me to monitor progress.

Based at Edinburgh Leisure’s most iconic venue, the Royal Commonwealth Pool, this recently refurbished venue boasts not only state of the art fitness equipment, studio space and a sports therapy room, but also a 50m pool, diving areas, and a relaxing café, all set against the stunning background of Edinburgh’s Holyrood Park.

Whatever your goal is, or how far you might be away from it, you’ll be welcomed into a supportive environment, helping guide you to make lifestyle changes which lead to long-lasting results.

I have achieved more with Gregor than I ever could have imagined. I’m a more confident, happier, healthier, fitter person

Nikki Robinson


Whether you’re trying to lose body fat, build muscle, or improve your fitness, Gregor tailors your fitness programme based on your ability, ensuring you train in a safe and effective way. Combining proper form and technique with hard work to achieve the best results, your programme will combine this with guidance on nutrition, and what you should be eating throughout your day.

I’ve been training with Gregor for only 4 months and the results have been fantastic, I’ve lost almost 2 stones and the body fat loss has been extraordinary

Callum AitchisonProperty Director